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The following websites offer the best opportunities we are aware of to explore the Underground Railroad safe-house by safe-house, route by route on the Internet or by visits.

Chautauqua County, New York, Map of Sites, Routes and People

This prize-winning interactive map of more 1,100 sites, routes and historical Underground Railroad personages is a best-in-class tour de force of local research and application of geographic information systems. The project's lead researcher and cartographer have both won annual Free Press prizes for their work in producing this best Underground Railroad map to date. 

Network to Freedom Nationwide Listings of Sites, Routes and People 

The National Park Service's Network to Freedom program maintains an extensive listing of verified Underground Railroad safe-houses, routes and other places. Most of these listings have a Wellman Scale rating of 5—documented authenticity—which comprise about 4 percent of claimed Underground Railroad sites. To provide broader context, the listings include elements that were opposed to the Underground Railroad such as capture sites and courthouses.

Underground Railroad Free Press Site and Tours Map of Frederick County, Maryland

This map and accompanying tour guide lay out geographically the 70+ sites and routes located in Frederick County, Maryland, and nearby that, mostly according to oral tradition, were active in the Underground Railroad. The map, developed by Free Press, is color-coded to indicate proven versus suspected sites. The guide contains three driving tours of sites with directions. Free Press is headquartered in this county.