News and Views on Today's Underground Railroad

What We Do 

North America's top-circulation Underground Railroad news outlet, Underground Railroad Free Press provides objective reporting on news of the Underground Railroad community of today. We report on what organizations and individuals are doing on behalf of the Underground Railroad community and concentrate on useful information for the public, especially the identification of Underground Railroad safe-houses and routes, preservation efforts, programs, and threats to sites or projects. The emphasis is on breaking news but historical articles are also reader favorites. Underground Railroad Free Press is published bimonthly on the fifteenth of January, March, May, July, September and November. Subscriptions are free.

Underground Railroad Free Press was founded in 2006 to fill the unmet need of having a nexus for and reporting on the contemporary Underground Railroad community. According to surveys, Underground Railroad Free Press is the most widely read Underground Railroad news publication, with about double the readership of any competitor. While there are other news publications on the Underground Railroad, Free Press is the only independent, international, regularly-issued publication devoted to collecting and objectively reporting Underground Railroad news. We find several of the other occasional publications to be informative and useful, each in its own way, and recommend them to readers.

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